Masten Space Systems is a leader in VTVL reusable rocketery and EDL test beds with missions to the moon starting in 2021.



Terrestrial vehicles

An Entry, Descent, and Landing (EDL) test bed vehicles with 500+ rocket flights.  Capable of precision station keeping, vertical takeoff and landing, planetary landing trajectories for the Moon and Mars, and allowing customer payloads to fly the vehicle.


Lunar Vehicles

 With missions to the Moon starting in 2021, Masten is busy finalizing the design of the XL-1 lunar lander in partnership with the NASA CATALYST program.  The large lander Xeus is currently in R&D for flights in the mid 2020's.



Masten has propulsion solutions for in-space and small satellite boost applications, with thrusts ranging from less than 1 lbf to 25,000 lbf.  Fuels include cold gas, LOX/IPA, LOX/Methane, and Green Hypergols.

Currently taking payload reservations.



We're ready.

A team of action-oriented visionaries built the framework over a decade for this moment…

We have been a bit quiet about the lunar lander program since we won the  Lunar Lander Challenge back in 2009. But we have been busy.

We've been flying. We've been landing. And landing. And landing.

We've been iterating. We've been learning. We've been partnering.


Achieve greater confidence in your designs through testing on Xodiac


Our vertical-takeoff, vertical landing (VTVL) rockets provide commercial customers and government agencies with a rocket-powered flight test environment. Precision rocket landings offer unique flight test opportunities including descent velocities that are 4 times faster than helicopter descents at altitudes down to 2 meters enabling GNC handoff within 500m and 60mph  Our responsive, reliable platforms provide unique opportunities to mature and demonstrate space technologies  on the road to infusion into future science and exploration missions.