Xombie (XA-0.1-B-1)

Flight Count: 227
Campaigns Flown: 14
Status: Active


Dimensions: 10' x 6' x 6'
Max Demonstrated Altitude: 495.6m
Max Demonstrated Downrange: 800m
Engine: "Hatchet" 750Lbf


The XA-0.1-B-1 ("Xombie") is a Masten B-class type A vehicle that has been in active service since 2009. The XA-0.1-B holds the company's record for the most commercial rocket multi-flight test campaigns at 14, and most flights by ANY rocket powered airframe at 227.   Xombie competed in the Lunar Lander Challenge Phase 1 in 2009, as has been instrumental in the development and refinement  of Entry, Decent, and Landing (EDL) Technologies for NASA and JPL.



In the Spring of 2010 Xombie was the first Masten vehicle to demonstrate the ability to perform an in-air engine relight.