Masten Publications

As an industry leader in reusable rocketry and EDL testing Masten has worked to add to the industry through its publications and presentations.

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Lunar & Planetary landers

  • Capability Driven Lunar Services Kuhns. National Academies of Sciences Committee on Astrobiology and Planetary Science, Irvine Sept 2018

  • Realistic Near-Term Propellant Depots: Implementation of a Critical Spacefaring Capability J Goff, B Kutter, F Zegler, D Bienhoff, F Chandler, J Marchetta. AIAA 2009-5756

  • Planetary Lander Dynamic Model for GN&C AIAA 2009-6571

  • A dual thrust axis lander for Mars exploration D Masten. IEEE Aerospace Conference 2014

  • Experimental Enhanced Upper Stage (XEUS): An affordable large lander system IEEE Aerospace Conference 2013


Terrestrial edl

  • Planetary Lander Testbed for Technology Demonstration C. Ake, S. Mahoney, R. Frampton, J. Ball, K. Oittinen 2013 – AIAA Space 2013

  • Reusable Testbeds: Masten Suborbital Vehicle Development Update 2013 – Government and Commercial Reusable Access to Space Technology Exchange (CRASTE)

  • Harnessing Precision Landing Testbeds to Advance Technologies Necessary for Exploration C. Ake, D. Masten 2012 Next Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference

  • Exploring the Benefits of Commercial Robotic Lander Testbeds C. Ake, D. Masten, J. Scotkin 2012 – IEEE Aerospace Conference

  • Impact of Masten Reusable Suborbital Vehicles on Technology Development and Research C. Ake 2011 – Government and Commercial Reusable Access to Space Technology Exchange (CRASTE)

  • Suborbital Commercial Space flight Crewmember medical Issues Aerospace Medical Association Commercial Space Flight Working Group

  • ADAPT demonstrations of onboard large-divert Guidance with a VTVL rocket IEEE Aerospace Conference March 2014

  • Flight Testing of Trajectories Computed by G-Fold: Fuel Optimal Large Divert Guidance Algorithm for Planetary Landing AIAA AAS 13-386

  • Flight testing of terrain-relative navigation and large-divert guidance on a VTVL rocket AIAA Space 2015-4418

  • An RLV-Based Plume Impingement Test Bed: Terrestrial Evaluation of Landing Pads Constructed of Granular Materials N 'O’Konek, D Nolek, G Finger ASCE 13th Aerospace Division Conference & NASA/ASCE Workshop on Granular Materials in Space Exploration 2012


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propulsion & launch vehicles

  • PermiAM - Porous AM Development In Situ with Fully Dense Material Kuhns, Neuchterlein, Iten.  JANNAF Adv. Materials Panel TIM Aug 2018

  • Electric Pump Development for In-space and Lander Applications Kuhns, Bergman, Calvert, Hanks. JANNAF 10th LPS Meeting May 2018

  • LOX/Methane AM Aluminum TCA Development for Small Satellite Boost Applications Kuhns, Roberson, Garcia. JANNAF 10th LPS Meeting May 2018

  • Optimization of LOX/Methane Cooling Channel Geometry Grosvenor, Rixon, Kuhns. JANNAF 10th LPS Meeting May 2018

  • Innovation Panel: How to Revolutionize the Launch Systems Industry Yet Again May 22, 2018 Space Tech Expo Pasadena CA

  • Electric Pump Fed Risk Reduction for In-Space and Lander Applications Kuhns, Bergman, Teufert, Hanks.  JANNAF In-Space Chemical Propulsion TIM, April 2017